• 1226 N Roselle Rd Schaumburg, IL
  • (847) 882-7728
  • Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 11 - 7, Sat - Sun 11 - 4, Closed Wed
  • 1226 N Roselle Rd Schaumburg, IL
  • (847) 882-7728
  • Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 11 - 7, Sat - Sun 11 - 4, Closed Wed

Final Day of Sales will be

Monday, December 23rd , 2019


It is with a heavy heart and tears in our eyes that we are announcing
the closure of Schaumburg’s 47-year-old neighborhood bike shop. Rick
has been there since its infancy.

Schaumburg Schwinn was opened
in 1972 by Tom Corolla and sold in 1974 to Nick Page. In 1975, a
15-year-old Rick was a hair perfectionist and was uninspired by
classroom tactics. However, his neighbor, a Schwinn representative,
secured him his first job building wheels in his bellbottoms for the
Schwinn warehouse. Shortly thereafter,
Rick started racing BMX for Schaumburg Schwinn Cyclery located at 1228
N. Roselle Rd; the address was later changed to 1226 N. Roselle Rd. due
to a Fire Department request.

Rick’s need for perfect hair passed over to his need to build perfect
wheels which lead him to start working as a custodial engineer at
Schaumburg Schwinn Cyclery at the ripe young age of 16 with the hopes of
fiddling with bikes at the 3rd largest Schwinn dealer in the US.

Schaumburg Schwinn was so involved in BMX that they started printing
their own BMX catalog. With the team being so good, a Schwinn Engineer
from Taiwan nicknamed “Niawan from Taiwan” would bring the team
prototypes to test on the racetrack. The shop also staffed up to 20
part-time sales and mechanics.

The shop has always strived to
stay a family bike shop, but things change; so did they. To keep up with
the times they sold bikes, skateboards, custom Van’s shoes, snowboards,
rollerblades & kites. Then sometime in the 90’s it became the
infamous Bicycle & Choo Choo Connection that sold model trains,
bikes, & slot cars.

In 2008, The Great Wizard, Nick Page,
hypothetically retired. Rick & Bob purchased the shop, dropped the
choo choo’s and changed the name to Bike Connection, which
coincidentally, was the same year as the recession.

Over the past
38 years, Rick has had the pleasure of working with some unforgettable
characters. Most taught him valuable life lessons while others partook
in the industry’s shenanigans of practical jokes, pit basement races,
rim tosses, & plastic wars with him. A huge thank you to Nick,
Buzzy, Gary, Cook, Mark, Tom, Mike, John & Sherry, Bill, Rich &
Ron, Joe, Eric, Carolyn, Aaron, Mr. Jeff, Paul, Chris, Chuck, Ray,
Terry, Damion, Mike, John, Don, Noah, Meredith, Daniel, Mia and so many

Nothing lasts forever yet we can keep our memories. Thank you for all the great memories.

Bike Connection is an independent, family owned bicycle store located in Schaumburg since 1972